Alexandra Rose Charities is in an exciting transition

As we enter our second century of helping others, we are updating the way we fulfil the intentions of our founder, Queen Alexandra.

Our past

For many years we have concentrated on helping small charities to raise funds through street collections, but in the 21st century we decided this was not the best use of our resources.

The future

Now we are researching the healthy eating agenda.

This is one of the great social issues of our time.

With our specialist resources and years of relevant experience and knowledge we believe we can make a real difference to families facing hardship.

We are sure Queen Alexandra would have understood and approved.

Starting this autumn, we will be running a series of pilots in London to test the proposition:

Can we help pregnant women and young mothers on low incomes to eat healthier food and provide it for  their families? 

We plan to do this by supplementing the ‘Healthy Start’ vouchers given to them by the Department of Health with ‘Rose Vouchers’. We will report progress here.  

The pilots are based on work by the consultancy ‘Food Matters’ 

Download the Rose Voucher Pilot, Final Report here (PDF 1.18Mb)